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Beyond Rest: What Is Floatation Therapy

This is an introduction to float or floatation therapy. An in-depth documentary video on float therapy can be found at Float Therapy Documentary. Have you tried floating? Share your experiences or ask questions about float therapy in our Float Therapy Forum.

“Oftentimes we don’t notice how the perpetual inundation of everyday noises affect our stress level, brain, and body. Many of us are not even able to sleep without having the television or radio on throughout the night. We’ve grown accustomed to the barrage of communication devices vying for our attention from the minute we wake up until we close our eyes at night. We don’t know what it’s like to quiet a mind and let our body be calm. Because of this, our body and mind become fatigued and overloaded as we must constantly divide our attention between tasks while using up a significant amount of energy bouncing from one thought pattern to another without end. Sensory overload affects sleep, eating habits, mood, concentration and body functions such as respiration and heart rate. And workers are especially affected. According to a recent study released by IBM in 2011, 77% of purp workers are stressed by the time they even get to work. But did you know that there is a way to literally get rid of all the noise and distraction? It doesn’t involve drugs and no we’re not talking about some kind of magical holiday cruise to a faraway secluded island. It’s called flotation therapy. It’s a revolutionary and scientifically backed way to reach the ultimate level of relaxation in a zero-gravity environment. The way it works is simple, clients lay inside an enclosed flotation tank filled with water. The 500 kilograms of Epsom salt in the water ensure you float uninhibited on your back as if in a gravity free zone, suspended and weightless drifting through space. The water and air in the tank are heated to skin temperature, which makes your skin receptors neutral as you begin to lose track of where your body ends and where the water begins. Your ears stay just below the water and the tank is insulated against all outside sound, so that noise and distractions cannot reach you. As soon as you close the door music and light dims in the tank and after five minutes you are in total perfect still, floating weightless lying in a sea of relaxation. Your body finally is able to relax completely because there are no external sensors to be experienced the mind has nothing to divide its attention, so it begins to operate efficiently. Your brain pumps out dopamine and endorphins and your muscles, joints and tendons relax and elongate. Created over sixty years ago by Neurophysicist Dr. John C. Lilly, flotation therapy has become increasingly popular among a diverse array of people. With over 500 float centers opening up around the world, backed by eighty-plus medical studies done on its benefits. Flotation therapy is safe, hygienic, and powerfully healing. Even those with clinical claustrophobia have not reported problems with flotation therapy. Clients are even able to fall asleep in the tanks with no danger of drowning. And you are always in control of your environment with easy access in and out of the tank. The benefits of flotation therapy are numerous including increased concentration. Approximately 40 minutes into your session the mind stops producing its normal Alpha waves and starts churning up the theta waves, which gives you that feeling of euphoria between waking and sleeping. By achieving a prolonged state of theta waves you are able to exist in a state only seen in children and those who have spent years practicing meditation for hours a day. Theta wave activity has even been associated with increased learning potential, long-term memory storage, and enhanced creativity and dreaming. In terms of self-development its potential is limitless. Flotation therapy is even good for your skin. The magnesium based epsom salts used to keep you afloat soften and replenish the skin. Other benefits include improved athletic performance and quicker recovery times, just ask four time gold Olympian Carl Lewis. Flotation heightens visualization, increases motivation, helps with depression and anxiety, aids in addiction treatment, relieves pain from arthritis, migraines, muscle injuries, illnesses, boosts immune function, and much more. With so many health benefits to floatation therapy it’s no wonder this system of stress and pain reduction is becoming so popular in Europe and the U.S.- give your body and mind a much-needed rest today while improving overall function and health.” Source: Nick Dunin