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By Shelly Pinter “Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” Lord Byron We all know how great it feels to release when we laugh. It appears that everyone enjoys laughing so much that we


We spend so much of our energy worrying and waiting to be disappointed. Imagine the energy to be regained, the release of struggle and the incredible things that can be achieved by focusing on trust.

Lift Each Other Up Free Hugs Video

Lift Each Other Up - It's What We Are All Here For Love the "Free Hugs" movement! Watch through to the end of the video and see the effect it has on everyone. He is

Beyond Rest: What Is Floatation Therapy

This is an introduction to float or floatation therapy. An in-depth documentary video on float therapy can be found at Float Therapy Documentary. Have you tried floating? Share your experiences or ask questions about float

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