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Being in the Heart of the Now


By AmayahGrace You know that feeling you get when you're nudged (or guided, or told, or impelled) to do or say something? And all the while your 3D patterning is waving Stop signs, and whispering 'what if' warnings about how you'll be judged or how you'll fail? And in spite of all that, there is something

Being in the Heart of the Now 2017-05-20T10:57:02-07:00



By Shelly Pinter There is a significant difference between forgiving someone for a transgression and forgetting the incident. In the perfect environment no one would ever be the source of your pain; yet all people make mistakes. While it is important to beware of the situation generating a painful event it is just as important to prevent yourself from persistently

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Natural Movement


By Fergus O Connor "First move well, than move often" The above quote by physiotherapist and movement expert Gray Cook very simply defines what we should be doing with our bodies every day to prevent disease or dysfunction. Although simply written "moving well" is difficult. With the increase in sedentary behaviour, careers involving staring at

Natural Movement 2017-05-20T10:57:03-07:00