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Feeling a Little Off? Try These Affirmations

By Elizabeth Spencer

Everyone has days when we’re not feeling 100%. I get tired, or grumpy, or just irritated with stupid people/things/circumstances. And I get impatient with the things that I really want to change that haven’t yet. I wonder if I’m ever going to get out of my office job… which every single day feels more like a prison. I don’t feel quite so young, or invincible. Do you ever have days like that, Dear Reader?

It would be easy on those days, to stay in bed, and eat donuts…

I don’t recommend it, however. That just feels too much like giving up, and it goes against every fiber in my body. Instead, I have a checklist of sorts, that I run through to guide me out of self-indulgent wallowing, and back to what I think of as “myself.”

Let me digress, for just a moment, and tell you what that means to me. I think the way we view ourselves is such an essential part of the way we interact with everyone else. I see myself as a buoyant person, someone who rises to the top in any given situation. I am happy, positive… I’m passionate, and determined, and unstoppable when focused. That’s how I see my “true” self.

But on my grumpy, foggy days, I’m not quite so sparkly, and I’m less focused in general. I do well when I know why things are happening. So, my first order of business on off days, is to figure out the reason(s) I might be feeling this way.

  • Did I get enough sleep?
  • Am I hungry/thirsty?
  • Is someone bothering me, and why?

Sometimes, something someone said/did or something I said/did will bother me and I’m not really sure why. Sometimes, it’s because I’m not entirely sure if I’ve offended someone. Sometimes it’s because I’m afraid I may have made a fool of myself. Sometimes, I’m irritated because I’ve perceived some slight or insult. And usually, unless it’s pretty blatant, it’ll just sit in the back of my head like a little piece of sand that is irritating without being really obvious. But if I think about it for a minute, and I realize what’s bothering me, it’s much easier to let that embarrassment/irritation go. That’s weight I don’t need to be carrying around. If it’s something I know I need to apologize for, then I do it. Usually, it’s a matter of sending a quick text or email, or making a call. An apology goes a long way. And if that’s not really necessary, if I just need to forgive myself or forgive someone else for being inconsiderate, or rude, or just plain dumb, then I take a deep breath, and let it go. I imagine a bird flying right out of the top of my head. Give it a try, it’s liberating.

Most times, the reason for the fog I’m feeling can be addressed by one or more of those questions. Next, I get to work pulling myself up by my bootstraps. Because why would I want to waste time feeling anything less than amazing? I walk myself through a series of affirmations. I love affirmations. You’re the one with constant communication with yourself, that’s a powerful tool!

The way you talk to yourself is a central, key part of your attitude and ultimately, your success. Now, if you’ve never talked to yourself intentionally, it feels a little funny at first. A little practice goes a long way!

Most of us don’t even realize how we’re talking to ourselves. The things we think about ourselves are a result of habit, and what we’ve taken from what other’s say about us. But the reality is, we each have tremendous power, and it starts with how we’re speaking to ourselves. If you’re not intentional in what you say to yourself, it’s time to take control. Here are some of my favorites.

  • I am a beautiful person. I think so many times we (especially women!) can think this and include everything but our physical bodies. Dear Reader, I believe everyone can be beautiful, physically, and spiritually. It all starts with how you feel/think about yourself. Women struggle with this sooooo much. Ladies, you are beautiful… and your men agree with me! Be brave, little piglet… go to the mirror, and find three things that are beautiful. Every morning, I wake up and I’m grateful for a beautiful body that is strong. I’m grateful for beautiful hair, and skin/teeth/nails. And I tell myself all those things are beautiful. Does everyone have to agree with me? Nope. I’m speaking to myself here… and here’s the important part, I let myself believe it and feel that it’s true. That’s where the magic starts to happen.


  • I deserve to be happy. In fact, I deserve everything I want in life: love, happiness, success. This one gets after my habit of shame and guilt, and I can tell you, it’s been a long road to actually believe that I deserve those things. But I am worthy (that is such a charged word!) of all of those things and so much more. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that one. Feel it in your roots, it feels amazing.


  • The universe is full of infinite abundance, and opportunities. There’s plenty of room at the top. This one is aimed, in particular, at my competitive side. Here’s the thing with competition, it teaches us that there’s only room for one at the top. It teaches us that when one person succeeds, it means it’s because everyone else did not. But that’s a myth, Dear Reader. It’s just not true. That’s a limiting thought, and I don’t have time for limitations. There’s plenty of room for my success at the top, and that’s where I’m headed.


Each of those is very personal. Your affirmations should be tailored to your weaknesses, and your goals. Taking that first step of taking control of the messages you’re sending yourself is a huge step in the right direction. What do you do that works for pulling yourself out of a funk?

Dear Reader, thank you, and know that you are amazing! For now, that’s all #gingersays

Elizabeth blogs as Ginger Says at where she writes about fitness, life, being a single mom, and finding balance in it all.

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