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How To Shield Yourself From Negative Energy

By Shelly Pinter

Shielding oneself from negativity or negative energy is very important. But maintaining that energy shield is just as important.  A variety of factors influence the impact on our virtual shield.  These circumstances/events can penetrate our shield either over the course of time or instantaneously.

Some examples of situations that can pierce our protective veil, yet not limited to, are the following:

  • Watching or reading the news
  • Negative or cruel people
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Harsh environment (work or home)
  • Traumatic Event; loss of loved one, frightening incident, job loss, etc.
  • Visits to places of historic trauma or museum -physical objects retain emotions/energy

Since most of us experience at least one of these a day; we are all subject to the slow destruction of our shield.

So how do you protect yourself from depletion of your energy shield prior to or following these significant events?

First thing to do is find a quiet place and clear your mind of external thoughts and images. I know some days that is harder than other days but this is a very important step in being able to connect with the Creator. Think of something or someplace that generates peace and enjoyment.

Once you are relaxed and in a state of meditation, imagine yourself surrounded by light; pink, white or any color exemplifying a feeling of safety. If you have difficulty with visualization, ask god/creator or however you address the higher power for assistance. Next picture your entire body being encircled by a loving gentle barrier or bubble.  Inside this barrier you are not scared or stressed but experiencing a feeling of comfort, peace and safety filtering through all the cells in your body. This shield or bubble you are inside will travel with you throughout your day wherever you go and keep unwanted energy thieves outside its borders.

You can perform this exercise before you begin your day or right before you are heading into an emotionally charged situation. Please be aware there are many things that can wear down your shield; not just the items on the above list.  If you begin to feel vulnerable and become agitated by the circumstances you are in, shift the energy by going through the process of shielding yourself. Repeat as often as necessary.


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