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Ways To Improve The Energy In Your Home

By Shelly Pinter

Energy is produced by all living things; not only by actions but emotions and thoughts as well. All people as well as animals are affected by positive and negative energy.  It is important that our home be a sanctuary for our well-being as well as for others; including pets and children. The stress and pressure in our everyday lives carry with us into our homes and prevents us from obtaining the regeneration our minds and bodies need before facing another day.
Below are some ways to keep the energy within your home fresh and clear.

Leave the work stress at work.

Even if you need to take the long way home don’t come back to the house while stressed and rattled from a less than enjoyable day at work.  If you don’ t have extra time to drive around to disperse the energy; take a three or four deep and cleansing breathes before walking in the door.

Keep away from “Negative Nellie’s”.

If you are successful in not bringing negative energy into the house, be aware of others bringing their negative energy to your house.  Don’t encourage negative people to spend time at your home.  Instead possibly suggest a meeting place for coffee or a restaurant for a meal.  Of course if the person who is the source of the negative energy happens to be a family member then you do the best you can to minimize the effects and shield yourself from their “legacy”.

Take care of yourself.

Balancing the energy in your environment starts with you being in balance. It is important to get adequate sleep, nutrition and on occasion a massage and/or energy adjustment from an energy healer. Lack of sleep and proper nutrition leaves a body agitated and increases the anxiety traveling with you everywhere you go.  Massages and energy healing operate together. Even though I do regular maintenance on my own energy, I receive massages as well. Massages not only feel wonderful but we have a tendency to retain unnecessary negative energy within our muscles.  A massage therapist can help you relieve those items trapped in the muscles and cells.  In the same aspect, a massage without working on the mind and spirit can allow for stress and negative habits to return to your physical body even if they were just removed.  Hence working hand in hand with both healers is an effective regular practice for health and well-being.

Reduce the clutter.

The phrase “less is more” is not just a cliché it’s an actual fact.  Items collect and retain energy and just the presence of “stuff” no longer needed is a weight that draws on the energy in the surrounding area. Remove the clutter and piles in the main living area to open up and allow for positive energy to be collected and move freely throughout the home.

Add plants to your living space.

Care for a couple of plants or place some flowers in the room.  Living objects such as these can feed the positive energy while plants live off the carbon dioxide we provide. So this synergetic relationship is a win for both participants.

Set up area specifically for rejuvenation.

If maintaining the house energy seems like an insurmountable task, set up a small area such as a portion of a room or bedroom for relaxation and or meditation.  Try to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes in this area without your electronic devices and just take deep breathes. Concentrate on exhaling emotions and toxins and inhaling pure clean positive energy.

Obtain salt lamps and/or healing crystals.

Place a salt lamp or healing crystals in each room in your home. B y doing this you can retain the positive energy generated. Also, burning incense/candles or diffusing essential oils can assist with stress reduction and relaxation. Aroma therapy is gaining in popularity due to the physiological benefits as well as a being used as a form of alternative medicine.

Open a window.

Opening a window not only lets the fresh air in but it has a cleansing effect on energy inside.

Enjoyable temperature.

Make sure you are maintaining a comfortable temperature for all inhabitants of the household this will reduce tension and anxiety.

Clean as often as you can.

When you feel the energy becoming heavy in the house get out the vacuum.  Just by this simple task, you have not only improved the looks of the flooring but have shifted the energy in the house. Vacuuming picks up loose energy particles weighing down the positive environment in which you reside.

Even the most conscious of energy shields gets worn down over the course of time and shifts in the universe.  Energy maintenance is a good practice just like any other maintenance such as changing the filter in the furnace on a regular basis-it just makes everything work much more efficiently.  Clear your house of all lower or negative energy on a regular basis with the use of a variety of clearing methods to suit your personal needs.


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